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JJ's Cool Boring Life

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JJ the Jetplane
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ME...a couple of months ago. I have no exciting piercings and no pretty tatoos...YET. Im 16 and a student of Sunrise Mountain High, home of the purple ponys! XD Im an artist kinda, I draw pretty pictures when Im bored, sew things together, splatter paint on the wall in the garage...stuff like that. My only addiction is to video games and caffine. My job sucks, I hate it...But I work with some of the coolest people on earth I love them to death.

“Sometimes…You can cry until there is nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse until your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray all you want, to whatever god you think will listen, and, still, it makes no difference. It goes on with no sign as to when it might release you. And you never know that if it ever did relent…It would not be because it cared.” -JTHM

Image hosted by Photobucket.com